The Village of Fruitvale currently has two employment opportunities in the Public Works Department, Labourer and Public Works Lead Hand.  For more information on these postings please visit here.  Closing date for both positions is January 31, 2022.

Attention Village of Fruitvale Residents:


  1. Property owners are required to maintain sidewalks abutting their property for safe pedestrian traffic and to clear and remove snow after a snowfall. If sidewalks are not maintained by the owner, the Village may arrange clearance and removal and invoice accordingly.
  2. Windrows left in private driveways are the responsibility of the owner of the property to clear.
  3. Owners are expected to assist Village crews by clearing storm drains of debris and ice along curbs, gutters and boulevards abutting the owners’ property and allowing for the adequate flow of runoff from melting snow.
  4. Not all roads/sidewalks are cleared at all times, and maintenance is dependent on variables such as snow accumulation and icy surfaces.
  5. The Village of Fruitvale does not plow to bare pavement.  Pedestrians should have appropriate footwear for snowy conditions.
  6. Plowing may result in windrows of snow. The Village will not clear snow windrows from any private driveway, sidewalk or private access, etc.
  7. Property owners who place snow by any means from within their private properties onto any street or sidewalk will be invoiced by the Village for time spent clearing the snow.
  8. These requirements are similar to most other municipalities in Western Canada.
  9. The Village complaint form is on the Village website. Logging a written complaint through the complaint form is the most efficient way to make your voice heard.

Please, before yelling, threatening or showing aggression towards Village Staff, who are doing their jobs to the best of their abilities, consider being a Community Leader. Know your responsibilities and lodge your complaint in an appropriate manner.






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The information listed is the most frequent of our records that apply within the Village of Fruitvale and is provided for convenience and information only.  Every effort is made to ensure the accuracies of this information.

The Village of Fruitvale will in no event be held liable or responsible for damages of any kind arising out of the use of online copies of information.  For more information on the Village of Fruitvale, please contact the Village Office at 250-367-7551.


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